Rob Schneider Says ‘Home Alone 2’ Is the Superior Movie: ‘They Don’t Show ‘Home Alone 1′ Every Christmas’

“‘Home Alone 1’ is just a family who just doesn’t know how to take care of their children,” the actor says

On Saturday night, actor Rob Schneider joined “Fox News Saturday Night” to discuss his favorite holiday films, and, unsurprisingly, the conversation turned toward one that he starred in: “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.” The actor said the sequel is better than the first film, mostly because “They don’t show ‘Home Alone 1’ every Christmas.”

When asked why the first movie isn’t shown every holiday, Schneider explained, “‘Home Alone 1’ is just a family who just doesn’t know how to take care of their children. But ‘Home Alone 2’ is actually a movie that’s about a child’s ingenuity… and also a family that doesn’t know how to keep after… an eye on their children.”

Plus, he added, “The thing to get out of that is how much hair I had. It was beautiful.”

The actor went on to decide between different combinations of several popular Christmas movies. When asked to choose between “Die Hard” and “Gremlins,” he said, “I will say that I think ‘Gremlins’ is… I love ‘Gremlins,’ but ‘Die Hard’ just has more of a Christmas feel to it… with psychopaths.”

He was then asked about “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Schneider replied, “I will say that Chuck Jones doing The Grinch is so beautiful, so hilarious. That’s one of my favorite moments of my childhood is like, the whole family laughing at the little tiny dog with the, you know, because he’s so small, The Grinch puts the horn on him and he falls over. So he cuts a piece of it and then puts him under and he’s leading the sled, trying to be a reindeer, and the next thing you know he’s gone all the way underneath it and he’s behind it, you know.”

“It’s wonderful,” he added. “It’s hilarious.”

When asked about “Frosty the Snowman” versus “Rudolph the Reindeer,” Schneider was ready. He answered, “Well, ‘Rudolph,’ you know, I mean, Frosty’s more fun, but I think Rudolph has… kids can relate to it because every kid’s felt ‘out’ of the in group at a certain time.”

“And you know what was rejected originally?” He continued. “Like 1943… a red nose and all that, you’ve got to read that… that’s the thing about having the internet now, you can just go, ‘How did Rudolph come out?’ and it’s an idea that was, like, rejected by some guy right here in New York City.”

Watch the interview with Schneider in the video above.


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