J.J. Abrams’ ‘Stranger’ Trailer Was For a Book He Didn’t Even Write

The ‘Lost’ and ‘Super 8’ and ‘It’s not Khan I swear” creator came up with the idea though

J.J. Abrams, intergalactic man of mystery, is now honing his infamous tease-bummer skills on the printed page.

Turns out the latest enigma-marketing asset from Abrams’ Bad Robot we all got excited about, a 1-minute trailer titled “Stranger,” is for a book — a novel that the “Star Trek”-slash-“Star Wars” director dreamed up but understandably didn’t have time to write (another fellow did that part).

When the “trailer” dropped Aug. 19, some had hoped it was for a new movie. Others had not.

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The clandestine shroud of abstruse secrecy was lifted Monday when the “second half” of the trailer debuted exclusively on EW — which used the words “very cool,” “very mysterious,” “excitement and speculation,” “truly unique” and “fascinating” to summarize the teaser and book, titled “S.”

The original story follows a pair of college students who do something with a 1949 fictional novel that better include a guy with his mouth sewn shut or this is some bulls–t right here: