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‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Jaboukie Young-White Has a Great Idea to Stop Gun Violence (Video)

”The Daily Show“ reacts to the latest mass shooting with a better solution than doing nothing

Last Updated: September 4, 2019 @ 9:11 PM

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” correspondent Jaboukie Young-White presented an ingenious solution to the crisis of gun violence in America: Use gun nuts’ toxic masculinity against them.

The bit came after host Trevor Noah broke down the latest horrific mass shooting in Texas, and the continued lack of meaningful response by people currently in power. He then introduced the show’s “gun safety correspondent,” Young-White, who argued that the solution is simple: “We just need to make guns gay.”

Noah pointed out that guns don’t have a sexual orientation. “Not yet,” Young-White replied. “But I just read this study that says a lot of straight men don’t recycle because they’re worried it makes them look gay. So we just need to harness that same toxic masculinity and just direct it toward guns. Sweet, gay guns.”

Young-White, who is gay himself, then explained how he thinks guns already fit the bill. Examples included that people keep their guns “in the closet,” that guns “are long and hard,” and that the Second Amendment has a serious double entendre.

“The right to bear arms? I like bare arms too,” Young-White joked as a photo of him being hugged from behind was displayed. “You’ll have to pry me from his cold dead hands.”

There’s plenty more — including a hilarious idea for a Kelly Clarkson song — but we won’t spoil it all. Watch the whole thing above.