James Corden’s Parents Twerk Their Way Through WWE’s ‘Monday Night Raw’ (Video)

Malcolm and Margaret form unimposing WWE tag team “M&M Mayhem”

The WWE just got a bit more global — two people more, to be exact.

But Malcolm and Margaret Corden aren’t just a random couple, they’re the parents of “Late Late Show” host James Corden. And when the pro wrestling promotion’s flagship show “Raw” came to London, mom and dad were Vince McMahon‘s most-special guests.

The two started their locker-room journey by eyeing up some nudity, which Margaret sure didn’t seem to mind. Soon, they ventured over to the locker of the gigantic Big Show — that size may have been more shocking to them.

Later, they had some fun rapping with Superstar R-Truth. Let’s just say we still don’t know where James gets his mic skills.

Comedy, however, may come from the maternal side. When The Miz told the CBS personality’s parents that he’s the Intercontinental Champion, Ma Corden replied that they had a continental breakfast that morning. Not quite the same.

Later, Sheamus hit on Margaret and shoved Malcolm, which the proud parents absolutely ate up. Then they met the New Day — and the Cordens would never be the same again.

Watch the video above.