Jason Momoa ‘Devastated and Heartbroken’ Over Maui Fire

The Hawaii native shares video by nonprofit group ‘Āina Momona of the devastation in Instagram post

Jason Momoa (Photo credit: Getty Images)
Jason Momoa (Photo credit: Getty Images)

In a wrenching post to his Instagram account on Thursday, Hawaii native Jason Momoa expressed sadness and shock over the fires ravaging the island of Maui.

“We are devastated and heartbroken for our friends and ‘ohana on Maui who [sic] been impacted by the recent wildfires,” Momoa wrote.

The “Aquaman” star also shared video via the nonprofit group ‘Āina Momona showing just how bad things are on the island as the fire continues.

The devastation in Hawaii is all the more shocking because the fires began just two days ago, on August 8.

The causes are complex but briefly, climate change has led to increasingly dry summers in Hawaii and with them, elevated fire risk. This is compounded by the proliferation of non-native fauna further drying the region out. And this week, unfortunate combination of powerful winds from a nearby hurricane and what scientists call a “flash drought” — a rapid-onset drought similar to a flash flood — sparked wildfires that quickly spread throughout Maui.

Particularly hard hit is the town of Lahaina, a popular tourist destination that has effectively been destroyed. There are also wildfires on the islands of Hawaii and Oahu that were quickly contained. As of this writing, a confirmed 53 people have been killed, and authorities warn that toll is likely to rise.

Many celebrities with ties to Hawaii have spoken out to bring attention to the crisis — including “Top Chef” alum Lee Anne Wong, who recommends that people interested in donating go to MauiUnitedway.org or the Hawaii Red Cross.