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Jenna Jameson Rips Michael Ian Black Over ‘Rape Jokes': ‘Get Help You Sick F–‘

”My only regret is not putting my rapists in jail. I pray you arent the pedo your tweets elude to,“ Jameson tells the comedian

Jenna Jameson added her voice to growing controversy surrounding a series of dredged up old tweets from comedian Michael Ian Black.

Jameson ripped the comedian in a pair of tweets over the weekend and urged him to seek professional help over tweets about pedophilia.

“Making pedophilia and child rape jokes doesn’t go over well with non-pedos,” she told him in a public quote-tweet. “Get help you sick f–.”

When Black tried to defend himself by invoking Jameson’s own past as an adult film actress, she shot fired back by using her past as a rape victim.

“Please don’t conflate legal pornography with the rape of innocent children. I was raped as a child and you strike me as a clear and present danger,” she said. “My only regret is not putting my rapists in jail. I pray you arent the pedo your tweets elude to.”

Black ended the spat by asking Jameson not to conflate what he said were “jokes” with actual actions.

“I’m so sorry you endured what you did; I hope your rapist did end up in jail,” said Black. “As you would not have me conflate legal pornography with rape (I did not do so), I would hope you would not conflate jokes with the same. Best to you.”

Black has been under fire all weekend as part of a targeted campaign from right-wing Twitter to dig up a number of old tweets where Black made several graphic remarks about child molestation and other criminal sexual activity surrounding children.

Here are a few samples:

The campaign against Black has been led by right-wing provocateur Mike Cernovich, who over the weekend also targeted comedian Patton Oswalt. Both comedians are vocally anti-Trump on Twitter

In recent days, Cernovich’s army of Twitter followers has dug up embarrassing tweets and made sure that Hollywood and media executives see them. On Friday, a campaign led by Cernovich to highlight “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn’s questionable old tweets led Disney to drop him from the films.

In a lengthy statement over the weekend, Black explained his old tweets as the pressure intensified and said his attacks on the NRA were what really precipitated the campaign against him

You can read the full thread here.

“I make offensive jokes. I’ve been doing it for 30 years and although I’ve slowed down in recent years and gotten more reflective about it, I still do it. Like when I say I do butt stuff with your mom. I don’t *really* do butt stuff with your mom. I don’t even think I know your mom. I make jokes about playing in the NFL. Guess what? I never played in the NFL. I could go on. The point is, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the week I go hard after the NRA for being a mob front for Russia, I get this coordinated attack. So be it, f–ers. I know what I’ve done in my life. And I know what you’ve done in yours. The NRA is a terrorist organization culpable in tens if not hundreds of thousands of American deaths. You want to shit on me for some bad jokes. Have at it. My hands are clean.

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