‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ Delays Premiere During Strike After Drew Barrymore, ‘The Talk’ Reverse Course

The new season was set to debut on Monday

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson (Credit: Chris Millard/Warner Bros.)

“The Jennifer Hudson Show” is the latest daytime show to delay its premiere due to pressure from many inside the Hollywood community, as the talk show originally planned to forge ahead without writers during the WGA strike.

The show had resumed production last week and intended to return to the airwaves on Monday, Sept. 18, but faced criticism from many on the picket lines who saw the decision of daytime talk shows to continue without writers as harmful to their fight for a fair deal with the studios.

Drew Barrymore announced Sunday that, after days of facing blowback for her decision to return to “The Drew Barrymore Show,” her show would now be delayed until after the strike is over. “The Talk” followed suit shortly thereafter, and now “The Jennifer Hudson Show” will pause production and not premiere as planned.

Sherri Shepherd’s talk show “Sherri” will premiere on Monday as planned, but it is not a struck show covered by the WGA.

This leaves “Real Time With Bill Maher” as the other show that recently announced it would resume production without writers that has yet to delay. “The View” never stopped production and has been airing new episodes throughout the summer without its two WGA writers, and has been picketed as a result.

Hudson’s syndicated series, which is distributed by Warner Bros., premiered in 2022 and became a hit, scoring six Daytime Emmy Award nominations including Outstanding Daytime Talk Series.

The WGA negotiating committee announced last week that they are due to meet again with the studios this coming week.

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