Jennifer Lawrence’s Stair Struggles Provides Golden Globes GIF Fun

The “American Hustle” nominated star provided one of the night’s first GIFs

Jennifer Lawrence has no problem making fun of Jon Stewart, touring the world to promote a movie and owning up to her own limited social life. But stairs? Stairs are a problem for the Kentucky native.

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Lawrence endeared herself to millions nationwide when she stumbled her way up the stairs to accept an Oscar last year for her performance in “Silver Linings Playbook.” She almost delivered a repeat performance at the Golden Globes this year, struggling her way up some stairs at the red carpet. As a nominee for “American Hustle,” she stands a good chance of a threepeat.

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As she did last year, Lawrence wore a white dress Sunday.

We can’t wait for her wedding. Here’s a gif of Lawrence’s latest herculean stair strife. 

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