‘Jersey Shore’ Trailer: Italy Clearly Needs a Long, Hot Shower Now (Video)

Snooki, The Situation and their tanned pals bring their excessive guido-ness overseas

"The Jersey Shore" returns to MTV on August 4, and from this new trailer for season four, Italy is totally going to need a shower after Snooki and pals get through with it.

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Three quotes from the clip point to that inevitability.

JWoww: "JWoww and her boobies are going to Italy!"

Snooki: "Is that a doucher? To clean your vagina?"

The Situation: "I'm going back to the bloodlines of the Situation!"

Enjoy the all the grammar- and humility-challenged antics in the trailer, which features the required amount of needless yelling, excessively tight T-shirts and Snooki doing the Robot while wearing a neck brace.