Jill Scott Gets Freaky With a Mic on Stage, Fans Freak Out (Video)

“Y’all thought she was incense and sandals, huh,” Questlove tweets

Jill Scott
Getty Images

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Jill Scott, an R&B singer who has collaborated with The Roots and starred in several Tyler Perry films and in “Get on Up” as James Brown’s wife, can get a little nasty, both in her songs and on stage.

Scott got a little freaky with her microphone and performed some NSFW action on it at a previous concert, with the footage of it just surfacing. Watch it below:


Fans lit up Twitter with their reactions and GIFs to Scott’s maneuver, though many of her more dedicated fans noted that if people listened to more than a few of her songs, they’d know that the singer’s provocative actions are normal, with the explicit lyrics in her song “Crown Royal” being a prime example.

“Lol at y’all Jill Scott newbies,” collaborator and Roots bandleader Questlove tweeted. “Y’all thought she was incense and sandals huh?”

Scott also directly responded to the reaction, explaining how this is very much a part of her storytelling as an artist, and that fans will also leave very happy.

“I sing/act out all kinds of stories,” the singer said. “You should cum [sic] to my shows. After a Jill Scott show, most people get splendidly laid by whoever they came with.”

Here are some reactions to Scott’s microphone handling: