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Jim Carrey Pulls Back His Own Face in Revealing Self-Portrait

”This light never goes out,“ actor-artist says of his latest work

Jim Carrey took a break from his artistic criticisms of President Donald Trump on Monday in order to draw his focus on another guy he’s pretty familiar with: Himself.

Actor-artist Carrey unveiled his latest work via his Twitter account, revealing a partial face-off that he had with himself.

Carrey billed the self-portrait as “a glimpse” of “what’s going on inside me.”

In the artwork, the actor depicted himself pulling back at one of his eyes and a corner of his mouth, creating gaps that allowed beams of light to shine out from them.

“Lately, my concern about the greed and corruption in our world may have you wondering what’s going on inside me,” the actor wrote of his new piece. “Today I thought I’d give you a glimpse.”

Carrey concluded, “This light never goes out.”

Carrey’s latest artwork drew admiring responses in the comments section of the post.

“Keep shining Jim!” one fan encouraged the actor/artist.

“Bless you Jim, honestly..,” another admirer wrote, adding, “you’re one of the good ones.. Never doubt your caring & concerns.. they are what the world NEEDS!!”

“Jim as well as being a stellar actor and comedian, your art reveals you to be a kind and courageous man who feels very deeply about the world & those inhabiting it,” read another response. “Empathetic people can often be overcome by all the bad things. I hope you are well.”

See Carrey set a shining example below.

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