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Jim Jefferies Proposes More Modest Patriotic Song in Light of Actual Situation in America (Video)

”Some of our lakes are not poisoned, and all of our slaves have been freed,“ says new suggested national anthem

Jim Jefferies thinks it’s kind of weird how much Americans insist the U.S. is the “greatest country in the world,” and on Tuesday he suggested we adopt a new patriotic song that reflects a more modest reality.

First, he spent some time putting America’s current status in context on Comedy Central’s “The Jim Jefferies Show.” He discussed American education, health care and obesity.

“Maybe the most patriotic thing you can do is just lower your standards a bit. The way to make America great is to admit is has flaws,” Jefferies said. “I mean, all you patriots who seem to love this country so much you also hate immigrants, if you don’t want them to come here, stop telling them it’s so f—ing good.”

At that point Jefferies rolled out “America Is a Country.” Sample lyrics include:

“There’s a bunch of eagles/And also lots of rats.”

“I love my average country/It’s s–ty, but sometimes not.”

“We have a reasonable standard of living/And most of our children can read/Some of our lakes are not poisoned/And all of our slaves have been freed.”

And the chorus: “America is a country/On the list of countries.”

Watch the whole clip above.