Jimmy Kimmel Is Certain ‘Donald Trump Is Going to Jail’ After Mark Meadows Flips (Video)

ABC host also mocks the ongoing speaker drama during his monologue on Tuesday

Jimmy Kimmel Declares That Donald Trump Is Going to Jail
"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (Credit: ABC)

After multiple stories involving associates of a certain disgraced ex-president, Jimmy Kimmel made a confident pronouncement during his Tuesday night monologue: “Donald Trump is going to jail.”

Whether that actually happens, the ABC late night host was delighted. The bit was inspired by the news earlier in the day that two of Trump’s former employees have flipped on him. First, ex-chief of staff Mark Meadows, who has been granted immunity in the ongoing federal election tampering case overseen by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Meadows was granted immunity in exchange for testifying against his former boss something he has apparently already done three times, with more testimony to come. And not only that, Trump’s former lawyer Jenna Ellis accepted a plea deal of her own in the ongoing election tampering case against Trump in Georgia. She’ll be testifying against him, too.

“The speaker of the Waffle House was in court again today. Oh man, is he in trouble,” Kimmel said with obvious glee. “I’m telling you right now, Donald Trump is going to jail. OK? I don’t want to hear anything else; I’m telling you.”
“Today alone, his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, we learned has immunity in the Jan. 6 case and will testify that he repeatedly told Trump that the allegations of voting fraud were baseless. Which is the opposite of what Trump says,” Kimmel went on.

“His former lawyer Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty to felony charges of aiding and abetting false statements in the Georgia election tampering case, and will likely testify against her former client. And Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen,” Kimmel continued, “testified against him in the fraud trial in New York today.
“Right now, half of Trump’s lawyers are trying to keep him out of prison and the other half are trying to keep themselves out,” Kimmel quipped.

Earlier in the monologue, Kimmel also talked about the ongoing House GOP drama — their continuing inability to do the basic requirement of their job and pick a speaker of the House. On Tuesday morning, they nominated Tom Emmer of Minnesota for the job. Less then three hours later, he was out of the running after failing to get support from Trump supporters in the caucus.

“Altoids last longer than these Republican nominees,” Kimmel joked.

You can watch the whole monologue at the top of the page now.


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