Kimmel Jokes the Difference Between Trump’s Fans and Taylor Swift’s Is Swifties ‘Would Have Succeeded’ on Jan. 6 | Video

We winced but also laughed

Like a lot of people this week, Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday spent time in his monologue mocking the conservative movement’s obsession with Taylor Swift, particularly reports of Donald Trump’s insecurity about her popularity.

Reacting to the reports that Trump believes Trumpers are “more committed” than Swifties, Kimmel joked that the primary difference is the Swifties would have actually pulled off the Jan. 6 coup attempt.

Kimmel got there by discussing the Super Bowl-Taylor Swift thing, noting to his audience that “Trump’s taking this personally. Don-ye West has been telling people he’s more, he’s saying, ‘I’m more popular than Taylor Swift and my fans are more committed than hers.’”

“If Taylor Swift told her fans to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6? They would have succeeded. They would be running the country right now,” Kimmel joked. “They would not have stopped.”

Then Kimmel leaned in hard on roasting Trump for this.

“And why is he even thinking like this? He is not running against Taylor Swift,” Kimmel noted. “And who is he kidding? He’s more popular? If Donald Trump held a rally at SoFi stadium here in L.A., they would still have enough empty seats to also hold a Taylor Swift concert that night,” Kimmel said.

“And unlike your rallies, her tickets aren’t free. People paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars to see her. Not just here in America. How’s your popularity in Tokyo? And Singapore? How’s your popularity in Gelsenkirchen, Germany? Because she’s doing three nights at a soccer stadium there that holds over 62,000 people even though no one has ever heard of Gelsenkirchen, Germany,” Kimmel continued. “It might not even exist.”

“Taylor Swift is so popular, people want to watch her watching a football game,” Kimmel went on. “The truth is, you’re not even the most popular Donald. That’s still a cartoon duck with a speech impediment and no pants on.”

“What’s finally going to bring down Donald Trump will be an army of pissed-off Swifties,” Kimmel joked, adding that “if he wasn’t so jealous, maybe he might even enjoy Taylor’s music. I mean, so many of her songs – seem like they were written specifically for him.”

The songs Kimmel then listed included “Don’t Blame Me,” “You Need to Calm Down,” “Karma,” “Red” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

Watch the whole thing in the video above.


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