John Mayer Quits Twitter

Once-prolific tweeter leaves 3.7 million followers behind; prefers Tumblr

John Mayer, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and once-prolific tweeter, closed his Twitter account on Monday, leaving his 3.7 million-plus followers behind.

A spokeswoman for Mayer told the Associated Press he killed his account on the social messaging site because his Battle Studies tour is over “and a return to the studio planned.''

But fear not, Mayer followers – he’s still on Tumblr.

In fact, that’s where he posted a photo [above] with the caption: “A Self Portrait of The Artist Three Days Before His Metaphoric Retirement.”

“I had 3.3 million Twitter followers back in April when I announced that I’d be predominantly posting on Tumblr, a site that takes all of 25 seconds to sign up for,” Mayer wrote on Tumblr last week. “Five months later I have just passed 50,000 followers, a fraction of my Twitter base … I will leave the opining up to you, but I think I made the right move."

"I now have an even larger Tumblr addiction," he continued. "But it’s sort of like a book addiction, or a gambling addiction where you always walk away with the casino’s money … it’s one of those things you do all the time but isn’t all that bad for you. Well, except for those two 'artful' nudie Tumblr sites I follow … they slow my productivity down a bit.”

In a thank you note to his fans, also posted on Tumblr, Mayer added: “Time to (try to) disappear for a while. Love you guys. A lot.”