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Keith Olbermann Hosts New GQ Web Series

”The Closer with Keith Olbermann“ is scheduled to debut online Tuesday

Keith Olbermann has a new gig, but it’s not on television. Instead, the broadcasting veteran will provide his signature brand of commentary on a web series for GQ, where Olbermann has been named “special correspondent.”

The bi-weekly series called “The Closer with Keith Olbermann” is scheduled to debut on Tuesday morning.

“He’ll be providing commentary on the election, with the flexibility to delve into other timely issues when relevant,” GQ said in a statement to Politico.

Olbermann has worked for ESPN (twice), MSNBC (twice), CNN, Fox Sports and a variety of other news organizations. He penned an attack on Trump in The Washington Post earlier this year that details his move from a Donald Trump-owned building slathered in “gratuitous gold.”

Olbermann has been out of work since splitting with ESPN last year but the liberal broadcaster hinted on “The View” earlier this year that he planned to find a new gig. It’s been widely speculated that he’d find a place to cover the presidential election in some capacity, but it appears fans will need to settle for a web series for the immediate future.

Ironically, a quick search of “Olbermann” among the GQ archives brings up a 2013 story titled, “The 4,567th and Final Comeback of Keith Olbermann.” The story leads with the following: “Keith Olbermann’s stormed off or been kicked off pretty much every channel on the air, enraged whole voting blocs, insulted Al Gore, and become his own Worst Person in the World. But now, to the surprise of every detractor, every former employer, and, hell, Olbermann himself, he’s back on ESPN, the channel he made and that made him.”

The ESPN return didn’t last and comeback No. 4,568 will be on GQ.com.