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‘Hi, Squirrel!’ Kellyanne Conway Pauses CNN Interview to Greet Rodent Outside White House (Video)

”God, I hope that’s a squirrel and not a rat,“ Trump adviser says

Kellyanne Conway departed from her usual strident defense of President Donald Trump on CNN’s “New Day” to talk to a squirrel (or perhaps a rat?) that scurried by her off-camera.

“I know I was brought on — God, I hope that’s a squirrel and not a rat — hi, squirrel,” she said during a live interview on the White House lawn.

“It’s better than the lawnmower that’s always back there,” she added.

The White House counselor had previously been discussing the 2016 election and how Donald Trump’s message had triumphed over Democratic rivalHillary Clinton’s because he was a better “communicator.”

The moment prompted some laughs off-camera and from show co-host Alisyn Camerota.

Needless to say, it’s only a matter of time before White House Squirrel becomes a regular SNL feature — perhaps played by Kenan Thompson.