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Kevin Smith on Kickstarter: I’d Rather Take a Second Mortgage Out

The writer-director wishes the crowdfunding option was around in his early days, but probably won't be making use of it now

Kevin Smith doesn’t want your money for his movies. Well, let's clarify that. He does want your money, but he wants it at the box office – not to help fund the film.

The writer-director-occasional silent actor spoke to USA Today about a number of Hollywood productions, including "Man of Steel" (he can't wait), "Clerks 3" (third draft complete), "Mad Men" (this season is hit or miss) and more. But the most interesting conversation in the interview was Smith discussing the latest trend in film funding, Kickstarter.

Smith said he missed the boat when the crowd-sourced funding option could have helped him years ago. He recognized that now is the time for others though — referring to Zach Braff and Rob Thomas — who had launched now-famous Kickstarter campaigns to fund their new respective projects.

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Smith said that Kickstarter certainly will not work for all genres. "If you're making a movie where it's like, 'Thor's going to punch The Hulk!' people will line up to throw money at you. But if your movie's like, 'This guy's gonna talk to this guy about Thor punching the Hulk!' you're not going to get as many people lining up.”

But Smith's not too concerned about his future in the begging-your-fans-for-cash climate, saying, "I've got access to money. And worst-case scenario, I can just put up my house."

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