FBI Agents Key and Peele Argue While Billy Bob Thornton Shoots People Next Door on ‘Fargo’ (Video)

Comedians join the FX series for the rest of the season as a pair of inept FBI agents who are in way over their heads

Fans of “Key & Peele” were in for a treat on Tuesday night’s episode of “Fargo” on FX. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have joined the show for the remainder of its first season as a pair of FBI agents. If their first appearance is any indication, they won’t be straying too far from their comedic roots to do it.

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The audience was introduced to the pair as they were staking out a nearby building. While they were busy arguing over the cleanliness of fast food, and strange scientific experiments, Billy Bob Thornton‘s Malvo strode right past their car brandishing a machine gun.

He proceeded to go into the very building they were supposed to be watching and shoot up the place, floor by floor. The two agents didn’t even realize what was happening until a body flew out of an upper floor window and splatted on the ground near them.

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They then even considered pretending they’d just arrived on the scene, as local law enforcement rolled up. Instead, they reluctantly took control of the crime scene. But while the Fargo police might feel more confident now that these federal agents are on the case, the viewing audience certainly knows better.