Scary Movie About Killer Fetus Provides Free Tickets to Pregnant Women

“Prevenge” tells the story of a woman forced to become a serial killer by her unborn child

Are you a horror film buff and carrying life within your womb? Well, British director Alice Lowe would like to give you nightmares over the child who is about to come into your life with “Prevenge,” a movie that is offering free tickets for pregnant women who dare to watch the movie at a New York screening next week.

“Prevenge” is a macabre horror-comedy flick written, directed by, and starring Lowe, who made the film when she was eight months pregnant. The movie follows Ruth, a woman in her final trimester who is preparing to give birth while mourning the loss of her husband in a climbing accident. Furious with the people who let her husband die, she begins hunting them down one by one when ordered to do so by her unborn child upon penalty of death.

“Children these days are really spoiled,” mutters Ruth in the trailer, which you can watch above. “Mummy, I want a Playstation. Mummy, I want you to kill that man.”

Having premiered at SXSW last week, “Prevenge” will be screened at the IFC Center in New York on March 20 prior to its New York and Los Angeles limited release on March 24. If you’re in the Big Apple next week and pregnant, you can RSVP for a spot at the screening by emailing

If you’re not in New York or Los Angeles, you can watch “Prevenge” on Shudder, AMC’s horror movie streaming service, starting next Friday. New subscribers can watch the film with a two-week free trial.