‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’ Trolled on Twitter for Scathing Reviews, White Male Lead

“Wow, ‘Iron Fist’ sounds terrible,” one social media user astutely sums up

Iron Fist

A week and change away from its Netflix debut date, “Marvel’s Iron Fist” is getting treated like a punching bag by TV critics.

Everything from the show’s writing to its casting has been beaten up in the early rounds — an unfamiliar position for a Marvel series. Polygon called it “laughably bad,” while a number of TV critics simply settled on the word “boring.”

There’s also no shortage of writers killing the show for casting caucasian actor Finn Jones in the Danny Rand — a.k.a. Iron Fist — role. While Fist is a white man in the comic books, his Asian martial arts style and training ground had several fans hopeful for an origin story rewrite in the name of diversity.

Reviews, social media and message boards have been all over the issue, which bubbled over this weekend. Finn has defended the show vehemently, which boasts a female lead of Singaporean descent. Eventually, after finding himself on the ropes Sunday, the actor deleted his Twitter account. Can’t say we blame him, though he’s since reactivated it.

Below are some of the rougher memes and tweets to come from the early “Iron Fist” reviews. To be fair to Netflix, Marvel and Jones, there are just as many posts (if not more) that believe the noise about Rand’s race to be ridiculous.

Find out for yourself how good or bad the show is when it drops March 17 on Netflix.