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Matt Damon Gets Bumped (Again) by Jimmy Kimmel in United Commercial (Video)

Kid can’t catch a break

Jimmy Kimmel is still treating Matt Damon like a coach passenger.

On Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the ABC late-night show host aired a new United Airlines commercial, featuring the voiceover stylings of “The Martian” star. Unfortunately, about midway through the ad, Damon gets aggressively bumped a la David Dao.

“We’re people, damnit, and we deserve to be treated with dignity,” the actor exclaims as he’s escorted from the booth.

“You people are animals,” a dragged-off Damon concludes.

That’s when new United celebrity spokesperson Kimmel invites viewers to come fly his friendly skies.

Late-night’s longest-running joke lives — watch the video above.