‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Steve Bannon After GOP Losses: ‘He’s an Incompetent Boob’ (Video)

Filling in for Joe and Mika, Nicolle Wallace leads the mockery on set

On “Morning Joe,” Friday, Nicolle Wallace and Willie Geist led a Joe and Mika-less cast in discussion of a curious interview between Steve Bannon and The New York Times. The Breitbart chief sat down with “Morning Joe” regular Jeremy Peters for a wide ranging talk about his plans for blowing up the Republican party.

Wallace — a veteran of GOP politics before joining MSNBC — openly scoffed at Bannon’s plan as doomed.

“It’s not because he’s sinister and evil,” said Wallace. “He’s an incompetent boob.”

The Wallace analysis came in response to guest Ana Marie Cox, who noted the surging fortunes of Democratic Socialists across the country in Tuesday’s elections that saw an up and down Republican shellacking.

“Something that happened on Tuesday that I don’t think is getting enough attention is that DSA increased their higher office holdings by 75 percent,” said Cox. “They won in places like upstate New York, they won in Duluth, Minnesota, they won in Buffalo, they won in Virginia. That’s the kind of ground level building of a party that really counts.”

“Here’s Steve Bannon’s legacy. He’s going to allow the Democratic party to rebuild itself,” said show resident liberal fire-breather Donny Deutsch. “Thank you Steve Bannon.”

During his wide-ranging interview with Peters, Bannon vowed to continue his war against the Republican party and stated his certainty that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would be ousted.

The interview was conducted before the recent explosive pedophilia allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. While Bannon didn’t speak on the record about the matter to Peters, his website took heat for playing hard defense on Thursday evening.