‘Morning Joe’ Fires at Trump’s George Washington Photoshop: ‘Washington Was a Soldier’ But ‘Trump Chose Not to Be’ (Video)

The MSNBC host bluntly pointed out that Trump’s lack of service is just “one of many” differences between him and Washington

This 4th of July weekend, Donald Trump largely spent his time, as he often does, on social media, sharing memes of himself or in support of him. One in particular though, in which Trump was turned into George Washington, drew mockery from Willie Geist on Wednesday morning’s episode of “Morning Joe.”

The photo, shared on July 4 by Trump, has his head superimposed onto the body of George Washington, leading troops in battle. There is no text on the image, nor did Trump add a caption to it; it was posted with absolutely no context. So, Geist took it upon himself to add some.

“The obvious distinction there, one of many, is that George Washington was a soldier, Donald Trump chose not to be one,” Geist said bluntly. And, without taking a breath, he simply moved on in the discussion.

Geist also pointed out that, while Trump used the weekend to post more memes, many of his Republican competitors were out at 4th of July events, actually campaigning. For former senator Claire McCaskill though, who was part of the day’s panel, that wasn’t surprising (but it was depressing).

“Obviously, for Donald Trump, he is much more comfortable at his very luxurious golf club, with his thumbs on a device tweeting obscenities about the sitting president,” she said.

You can watch the full moment from “Morning Joe” in the video above.