Nancy O’Dell Sounds Off on Donald Trump’s ‘Crass Comments’

“Politics aside, I’m saddened that these comments still exist in our society at all,” she says in a statement

Last Updated: October 8, 2016 @ 2:28 PM

Nancy O’Dell, the subject of Donald Trump’s lewd comments, said Saturday that she’s sorry such sentiments still exist.

“Politics aside, I’m saddened that these comments still exist in our society at all. When I heard the comments yesterday, it was disappointing to hear such objectification of women,” she said. “The conversation needs to change because no female, no person, should be the subject of such crass comments, whether or not cameras are rolling. Everyone deserves respect no matter the setting or gender.  As a woman who has worked very hard to establish her career, and as a mom, I feel I must speak out with the hope that as a society we will always strive to be better.”

“Access Hollywood” named O’Dell as the married woman Trump admitted he tried to “f–” when he was caught on tape during a 2005 conversation with Billy Bush.

Current host Natalie Morales revealed more details of the incident on Friday’s show, identifying the former “Access Hollywood” anchor as the subject of Trump’s remarks, which came during a conversation on a bus escorting Trump to film a cameo on “Days of Our Lives.”

“What you are about to hear is what Mr. Trump said about former ‘Access Hollywood’ anchor Nancy O’Dell to Billy Bush,” Morales said before playing the audio, which was first by the Washington Post on Friday.