Why NBC Will Win Its 7th Straight Summer in TV Ratings

And it probably won’t be close

World of Dance

NBC was pretty much always going to win Summer 2017 — but now it might be a romp.

The broadcaster has won six straight summers, though the majority of last year’s sheer domination can be traced directly back to the Rio Olympics. The same could be said for 2012’s gold-medal finish.

While NBC doesn’t have the Olympics this summer, it still has “America’s Got Talent.” If the monster start the reality competition got off to last week is any indication, it’ll be another big season for Simon Cowell and the gang.

And now, NBC’s got a new hit on its hands in the form of Jennifer Lopez’s “World of Dance,” which landed Nielsen numbers that would make a fall premiere blush. We’ll find out soon enough how Episode 2 of each performs in “live” ratings.

Don’t write off “World of Dance” as merely riding “AGT’s” impressive coattails — on Monday, Nielsen shared J. Lo’s three-day delayed viewing lift. The first episode’s +0.64 is the biggest gain for a series debut in more than three years.

Oh, and we also didn’t even mention “American Ninja Warrior.” There’s that too. Sorry, CBS.

Finally, NBC’s got a little something called “Sunday Night Football.” Have you heard of it? That primetime pigskin is the top show on TV.

“But, TheWrap,” you’re probably saying, “football is in the fall.”

Not technically. The NFL kickoff this year is set for Thursday, September 7 — that’s two weeks before the TV season turns to leaf-loss. Of course, NBC is still generally the non-sports leader, so it doesn’t really rely on that NFL boost — but those couple weeks of football really help balance off the chief competition’s NBA Finals surge that we’re currently experiencing. So enjoy this while it lasts, ABC.