John Malkovich Is an Evil Pirate in NBC’s ‘Crossbones’ Trailer (Video)

Blackbeard lives again in advance look at NBC’s pirate drama

John Malkovich channels infamous pirate Blackbeard in the new trailer for NBC’s upcoming drama “Crossbones,” which premieres May 30.

Judging from the advance look, Malkovich will play a particularly philosophical pirate, dropping lines such as, “I suspect that God is a clockmaker. He wound creation up, and now he sits back and watches it unwind.”

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And, “I’m not the devil … I’ve cast out the devil.”

Oh, and he also does a pretty good impersonation of Pinhead from “Hellraiser,” in a scene during which he appears to be sporting a virtual crown of long needles sticking out of his noggin. (Blackbeard was into extreme acupuncture? Who knew?)

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Arggh-uably, it’s Malkovich’s most eccentric role yet.

Watch the trailer below.