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Neal Brennan Suggests a Crowdfunding Campaign to Get Trump to Go Away on ‘The Daily Show’ (Video)

POTUS thinks he owns America, literally, comedian says

On Monday’s “The Daily Show,” contributor Neal Brennan posited that the reason Trump behaves like he can get away with anything is because he thinks he literally owns America — and suggested that one way to deal with him might be a crowdfunding campaign to buy the country back.

“Trump doesn’t think he got elected. Trump thinks he bought America,” Brennan began. “And now our whole country is just some business he owns.”

To this, host Trevor Noah conceded that “Trump is extreme,” but said there’s no way Trump thinks he owns the whole country.

“Dude, he tried to buy Greenland eight weeks ago, and it wasn’t even for sale,” Brennan responded.

As evidence that Trump thinks this way, Brennan rolled a supercut of various times Trump has referred to “my generals,” “my economy,” and “my miners.” At one of his rallies, he even referred to a person as “my African-American.”

Later in the bit, Noah asked if there’s anything people can do about the problem. “Yes, but we’ll have to turn to America’s most reliable institution: Kickstarter,” Brennan said. “We pool our money, and buy America back from Donald Trump.”

Noah then pointed out how expensive that would be, but Brennan noted a silver lining: “If America truly is a Trump property, eventually it’s gonna plummet in value, and we can buy it back for pennies on the dollar.”

Watch the whole clip above.