Netflix Begs People to Stop Calling Serial Killer Ted Bundy ‘Hot’

“There are literally THOUSANDS of hot men on the service — almost all of whom are not convicted serial murderers,” streaming service tweets

Zac Efron Ted Bundy
Sundance Institute/Wikimedia Commons

The latest example of a thirsty meme circling the web is the renewed notion that Ted Bundy — the serial killer who confessed to 30 homicides across seven states — was smoking hot. And Netflix wishes you would please stop saying that.

The streamer’s Twitter account has posted a statement in response to online reactions to both their own documentary series “Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” and the new Sundance film starring Zac Efron, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.”

“I’ve seen a lot of talk about Ted Bundy’s alleged hotness and would like to gently remind everyone that there are literally THOUSANDS of hot men on the service — almost all of whom are not convicted serial murderers,” Netflix said.

Of course, Bundy was certainly handsome. He specifically used his charm and his looks in order to ensnare his victims, exploit their trust and then overpower them.

The documentary series isn’t the only reason the meme has surfaced. Critics have been torn over the film “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” as to whether the film romanticizes Bundy by casting a former teen-heartthrob like Zac Efron in the role.

“Efron is savagely convincing in the most psychologically-layered performance of his career,” TheWrap’s critic Carlos Aguilar writes of the film. “The actor’s persona as an attractive, clean-cut, straight white man groomed within the Disney machinery — further cemented by turns in bro-friendly comedies — has positioned him as the perfect choice to personify the kind of evil that festers beneath a wholesome façade, neatly packaged for self-preservation.”

And this isn’t the first time Netflix had to warn its viewers off from doing or saying dumb things. They most recently had to beg people to stop participating in the “Bird Box” challenge, in which people tried to perform everyday tasks while blindfolded like Sandra Bullock’s character in the film, then post their results to YouTube. It didn’t go well.

See Netflix’s tweet about Bundy below: