Watch Zombie Apocalypse Unfold in First Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Z Nation’ Prequel ‘Black Summer’ (Video)

A young girl goes missing as civilization collapses

Every zombie apocalypse starts somewhere.

Netflix has released the first trailer for “Black Summer,” the prequel to Syfy’s recently cancelled “Z Nation.”

“Black Summer” tells the story leading up to the events of “Z Nation,” which begins three years after the rise of hostile zombies’ assault on human life. The series follows “Hart of Dixie” actress Jaime King playing a mother who loses her daughter during the collapse of civilization that follows a zombie outbreak. King’s character searches for her daughter while the first and deadliest summer of the apocalypse unfolds.

“Black Summer” premieres four months after Syfy announced their decision not to renew “Z Nation” for a sixth season, the final episode of which aired Dec. 28.

“You guys are our family, so we wanted to tell you face-to-face in person that we were not renewed for Season 6,” producer David Michael Latt said in a periscope video on Dec. 21. “We’re stopping at Season 5. We’re very sad, but we’re also really grateful with the opportunities that we had on the show.”

Producer David L. Garber added, “The sad news is ‘Z Nation’ is over, but the good news is we have a show starting in the spring, which is kind of an origin story. It’s called ‘Black Summer.’ It’ll be on Netflix exclusively.”

“Black Summer” premieres April 11 on Netflix.