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Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Getting DVD, Blu-ray Release

"House of Cards" with Kevin Spacey coming to DVD in June

"House of Cards" may be upending the way viewers watch television by releasing all of its episodes in one binge-friendly gulp, but Netflix's series will have a rather conventional afterlife.

The glossy, 13-episode political thriller will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 11, according to Home Media Magazine, which noted that the series is available for pre-sale on Amazon. The discs will be distributed by Sony Pictures.

The Blu-ray set will sell for $$65.99 and the DVD set will retail for $55.99. The show premiered all of its episodes on Feb. 1 on Netflix's streaming service, but the company says it will not release ratings.

"I honestly have no motivation to do it," Netflix's Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said at an AllThingsD's conference last February. "I don't sell ads, so ratings don't matter in that way."

The show, which was filmed with a reported budget of $100 million, has been a hit with critics, who have praised its incisive look at Beltway politics and the villainous performance of Kevin Spacey as a conniving congressman.

In the Los Angeles Times, Mary McNamara predicted that "House of Cards" could become the first non-televised series to score with Emmy voters and said it was a sign the service had arrived.

"Just as 'The Sopranos' turned HBO into a game-changer and 'Mad Men' re-invented AMC, 'House of Cards' makes Netflix an undisputed player in serialized drama," she wrote.

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