Watch President Obama Sing ‘Purple Rain’ to Young Trick-or-Treater Dressed as Prince (Video)

This Halloween moment at the White House is totes adorbs

barack obama
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A little boy dressed up as the late pop star Prince could probably expect a few people to belt out a verse or two of “Purple Rain” when he crossed their path on Halloween, but to this child’s surprise one of those people turned out to be President Barack Obama.

The 2-year-old boy, named Cruz, was trick-or-treating at the White House on Monday with his sister, Brooklyn, when the leader of the free world took notice of the young Prince look-a-like waiting to receive his Halloween candy, according to Buzzfeed.

“Hey Prince!” said a clearly excited Obama. “What’s going on, man?”

The President then started to sing Prince’s popular “Purple Rain” as he handed Cruz his candy, and boy, does Obama have some pipes on him.

The whole thing was caught on video and posted to social media by the boy’s uncle, Gary Williams Jr..

“When Barack Obama sees your nephew dressed as Prince and starts singing Purple Rain! Yep, Best Halloween Ever!” Williams wrote on his Instagram account.

Little Cruz’ costume was also a spot-on impersonation of Prince.

The boy donned a bedazzled purple jacket, ruffled white shirt and completed the look with a fake mustache. Mini-Prince even had his own guitar.