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The O.J. Prison Beating That Never Was

Perplexed warden: “I’ve been getting calls from all over the country”

A late afternoon post by Perez Hilton has sent phones at Nevada's Department of Corrections ringing off the hooks.

Hilton claims to have news that O.J. Simpson has been hospitalized following a racially motivated beating at the prison in which Simpson is serving a 33-year term for a Las Vegas robbery.

Calls to the prison, located in Lovelock, and to the corrections department have been met with scratched heads and denials.

"You know what?" public information officer Suzanne Pardee told TheWrap. "I’ve been getting calls from all over the country about this. I’m trying to track down where this is coming from – can you send me the link? I called the warden, and he said, 'They must need news today, because nothing’s going on here.'"

Pardee, who has not heard of Perez Hilton, sounded 100 percent sure that nothing has happened to Simpson.

"I have a good relation with all the deputy directors and the warden, and they’re pretty straight with me," Pardee said. "I can tell you we don’t have anything like that going on. No beating, not in the hospital, no racial incident."