For Older Male Actors, Streaming Means Age Is Just a Number | Charts

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Stars like George Takei and Harrison Ford are finding plenty of work among strong demand from younger audiences

George Takei
George Takei is proving resiliently popular with a broad range of audiences. (Photo: Getty Images)

Age is proving to be just a number for many older male actors, as streaming productions turn to familiar faces who are still proving popular — not just with fans who watched their TV shows and movies but with younger audiences as well.

One of the most popular older actors over the age of 70 is George Takei, renowned for his role in the original “Star Trek” series and celebrated for his wit, social activism and vibrant presence on social media. He’s still playing Hikaru Sulu in the Paramount+ animated series “Star Trek: Below Decks.” Following closely is Harrison Ford, globally famous for his iconic portrayal of the Indiana Jones character, who, at the age of 80, recently starred in a new installment of the franchise while also boosting the prospects of Apple TV+ and Paramount+ with star turns in “Shrinking” and “1923.