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Police Reveal 46 Calls to Prince’s Paisley Park in Last Five Years

Documented incidents range from trespassing to the day the ”Purple Rain“ singer died

Apparently, Prince had a very loyal audience in local law enforcement in Minnesota.

The Carver County Sheriff’s Office released documents on Thursday indicating that it had received 46 service calls for Prince’s Paisley Park compound in Minnesota over the past five years.

Only four of those calls resulted in police reports, including the April 21 call when Prince was found unresponsive in Paisley Park’s elevator before the star was ultimately pronounced dead at age 57.

The most recent logged service call was on April 26, though scant details for that call were released.

Among the other detailed calls, the sheriff’s office noted that, on two separate occasions, officers were dispatched to deal with trespassers on the property, one of whom claimed to have been hired by the “Little Red Corvette” singer.

The trespasser, who “appeared to be daydreaming and mentally appeared to be in a different state of mind” as she spoke to law enforcement, had “two small bags and a black tambourine with the Prince logo on it,” according to the report.

Another trespasser was found on a bus parked on the Paisley Park property.

A third report, for a service call in 2013, involved a South Carolina woman who claimed that she had received a call from a number registered to Paisley Park from a woman who claimed that she had been raped. According to the woman in South Carolina, who contacted police, the woman sounded “panicked and out of breath.” After the supposed victim hung up, the woman in South Carolina told police that she called the number back, and the call went to a Paisley Park voicemail.

An interview with a person associated with the compound indicated that “there was no practical reason for anyone to have been at Paisley Park that late at night,” and a deputy on the scene reported that there were no cars in the Paisley Park parking lot. However, the incident report stated, the number was indeed registered to Paisley Park.

The scene was ultimately cleared by deputies, due to “the lack of evidence supporting that anyone had recently been at Paisley Park.

“At this time it is still unknown who made the call,” the report concluded. “I have continued to try calling the number listed to Paisley Park and every time I have received the ‘busy’ signal.”