Rainn Wilson Mocks Angus T. Jones: ‘The Office’ is ‘Filth’ (Video)

"The Office" star asks viewers not to watch the final season of the series because it "will rot your brain"

Angus T. Jones isn't the only sitcom star asking viewers not to watch his own show. Rainn Wilson is, too.

"Please don't watch 'The Office,'" he tells viewers in a new video, mocking Jones' recent comments about "Two and a Half Men" to a religious site. "I'm on 'The Office,' it's filth."

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Jones has apologized for his comments about the show that pays him more than $300,000 an episode.

Still, someone was destined to take the opportunity to get a laugh and do some easy promotion at Jones' expense.

Wilson paid homage to Jones by clasping hands with co-star Craig Robinson, just as Jones did with his interviewer.

Wilson's filthy words about his own show are pretty great too.

Watch the video: