‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Moose Hunting in Africa?

With her new Big Poppa, Nene resists the idea of accompanying Phaedra, but Sheree thinks she should “get some damn culture”

Kim’s got a gun. NeNe’s got a new pair of shoes. Kandi’s got gossip. Phaedra’s got a trip planned. Cynthia’s got bangs that stop at her hairline.

And Mama Joyce had a plan to break the tense silence between NeNe and Kim.

Fueled by liquid courage she didn’t know she was drinking, Kandi’s mom was intent on reconciling the friendship neither woman cared to have anymore. Both NeNe and Kim managed strained hellos, but the conversation went no further. It was awkward, it was uncomfortable, and soon enough it was thankfully over.

Reconciliation, however, did occur between Apollo and Peter when the “odd couples” met for dinner. No formal apologies were made, but the men were cordial while the ladies discussed a possible girls trip to Africa. Cynthia raved about her time in South Africa when Phaedra mentioned the voyage. But the excitement stopped there.

NeNe was not going to Africa. She told Cynthia she wouldn’t go to a trashcan with them. Prompting Sheree’s only real contribution to this episode, “I don’t think the b**** has ever been abroad. I don’t think she has any stamps on her passport. Get some damn culture!”

Sheree is the only true adversary NeNe would have to deal with on their safari. Kim, a beautiful black woman according to Mama Joyce, is not interested in visiting her roots.

Kim has found a new passion, moose hunting. Kroy bought her a pink gun and the next time a moose, NeNe, tries to pull her wig off …

NeNe is opening a new lounge with a financial backer named John who loves to buy her designer shoes whose names she can’t pronounce. Too busy pulling money out of his bank account to pull wigs, NeNe has found her a Big Poppa. Although, she chooses to call him Mr. Big because it allows her to pretend her behavior is unlike that of her nemesis Kim.

Meanwhile back in Africa, Phaedra called an African chief, took an African dance class, visited an African museum, bought some African earrings, made some African porridge, donned an African Kente cloth….

We get it! You’re going to Africa!

And guess who else decided to go to Africa? And bring a criminal turned socialite with her?

Her name begins with a Ne and ends with a Ne.

Rose, Kim’s palm reader, offered a sage observation, “As we get older we find we don’t need a lot of friends.”

Yes Rose, but you do need many enemies if you’re on a reality show, and now that Kandi’s filled Phaedra in on Marlo’s felonious proclivities with plans of using the tidbit as ammunition in their next altercation, we’ll have more feuds brewing under the hot sun of Africa. Africa. Africa.