Ricky Gervais Shows His Man Breasts on ‘Conan’ (Video)

"No one's watching … we can do what we want," the Golden Globes host jokes to Coco

In another stop on his Golden Globes publicity tour, Ricky Gervais stopped by "Conan" Thursday, where he shared a naughty story about Johnny Depp, made fun of Conan's cable home and shared an extreme close-up of his chest.

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While discussing O'Brien's cable status– a "dodgy channel," as Gervais later called it — O'Brien explained that, for some people, his show would be found on channel 247.

"247? Who finds it?" Gervais asked. "They're definitely looking for porn if they find it."

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That led to a comment that porn-seekers would be disappointed to land on O'Brien and Gervais and to "The Office" creator showing off his moobs in a frighteningly close close-up.

Check out the video clips below, as Gervais also tells the story of how Depp, a guest star on his upcoming HBO series "Life's Too Short," surprised him with a very naughty gesture involving co-star Warwick Davis and a toilet:

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