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Ron Perlman, Donald Trump Jr Get in Twitter Argument Over Harvey Weinstein Story

Did the ”Sons of Anarchy“ alum ever tell ya about the time he shook Weinstein’s hand at a charity event?

Donald Trump Jr. got pissy with “Sons of Anarchy” alum Ron Perlman on Twitter after reading the actor’s story about the time he urinated on his own hand before he knew he’d be shaking hands with Harvey Weinstein.

“Did I ever tell ya about when Harvey Weinstein told me to make sure I shook his hand at a charity event, so I stopped in the mens room and pissed all over my hand, then went straight up to him on the receiving line?” Perlman wrote. “I think about that every time lil donnie opens up his KFC.”

The tweet caught Trump Jr’s eye and provoked a response where he tried to shame the “Hellboy” star for deciding to prank Weinstein instead of  “actually doing something” to stop the disgraced Hollywood mogul, who has been indicted on rape charges made by two women and accused of misconduct by dozens more.

“So you knew he was a rapist and rather the actually do something or say anything you pissed all over your hand???” Trump Jr tweeted. “Imagine how many assaults on innocent women you could have prevented if you weren’t a coward.”

Perlman didn’t let Trump Jr have the last word in their pissing contest, coming in with this retort: “Hey young don, nice ta meetcha! And thanks for the follow! So… I never said I knew Harve was a rapist. I never worked for Harve. I wasn’t home his type. I DID know he was a prick though. A prick and a bully. And I gotta thing about that.”

See their exchange below.