Ryan Reynolds Sings in Unicorn Costume on South Korean TV and Fans Lose Their Minds (Videos)

“Deadpool” star honors alter ego during “King of Masked Singer” appearance

Anyone who has seen “Deadpool” knows that the snarky mercenary loves unicorns… in fact, he loves them a bit too much. Maybe it was the Marvel antihero’s obsession with the mythical creatures that inspired the get-up for the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds, when he appeared on the South Korean TV show “King of Masked Singer.”

The show’s premise is simple: A variety of singers take the stage to perform while wearing masks, and without knowing their true identities, the judges pick a winner. When a singer is eliminated, he or she removes their mask, often leading to a dramatic reveal. Because of the show’s potential for big surprises, many Korean celebs have competed on the show just for the novelty of seeing the crowd’s shock when they take off their masks.

But Reynolds, who was on press tour in Asia for “Deadpool 2,” might have gotten the biggest unmasking reaction ever after his performance of the “Annie” song “Tomorrow” while wearing a unicorn mask. The crowd was impressed by Reynolds’ voice, but not impressed enough to advance him past the first round of competition. Considering the starstruck excitement he got, the judges might have regretted not giving him the thumbs up.

Watch Reynolds’ masked performance in the clip above, and check out his unmasking below.