‘Daily Show’s’ Samantha Bee Takes on Anti-Vaccine Truthers and the ‘Outbreak of Liberal Idiocy’ (Video)

The war on science has many battlefields

The truth is hard to swallow… especially when the truthers won’t take the medicine.

The GOP has become the party of climate change denial and science skepticism, which has drawn no small amount of criticism from the left and anyone else that cares about the environment. But as Samantha Bee found in a new “Daily Show” segment, the outbreak of anti-vaccine truthers — the sort of people who think that the miracle drugs that rid the country of plague-like diseases — are not so much Tea Party members as mommy bloggers and lefty advocates.

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Buoyed by inane celebrity spokespeople like Jenny McCarthy, who insists that vaccinations gave her child autism, the anti-vaccine movement has been growing in recent years — so much so that diseases like measles and rubella are making an unlikely comeback. And no matter how much scientists try to convince the misguided parents responsible for dropping society’s guard against these epidemics, it seems that misleading articles on Google and groupthink at protests is stronger than sound academic logic and years of research.

Until we all start dying from measles again, anyway.