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‘Serengeti': Kali and Her Cubs Are Not Welcome Back Into the Great Pride After Her Epic F– Up (Exclusive Video)

Yeah, she had a lion affair

Last Updated: August 23, 2019 @ 4:22 PM

The great pride on Discovery Channel’s “Serengeti” is not so great at forgiveness.

On Sunday, Kali tests the waters (ironically in the grassland region of northern Tanzania) as to whether or not she and her cubs will be let back in to the group, despite that big scarlet “A” permanently shaved into her fur. Yeah, she had cubs outside of the pride, a real no-no in the lion community.

Much like their plains-mates the elephants, lions apparently never forget, and Kali and her kids are not welcome back. At least, not for now.

Watch the video above, which is exclusive to TheWrap.

The two-minute, 13-second clip gets very roar-y. Stop fighting, boys.

In this weekend’s Episode 4, titled “Misfortune,” the arrival of the Great Migration brings food in abundance, but also puts the Serengeti families to the test. Beyond the big cats, there is also the continuation of zebra, baboon, hyena and crocodile stories, among others.

Read Discovery Channel’s logline below.

Kali must decide whether she can return to the pride that once pushed her out and risk putting her cubs in danger. Shani, the zebra mother, must cross the river with her foal, but a crocodile is waiting and watching. Bakari is finally forced to challenge the baboon leader, leaving him with a devastating decision to make. Jasari and the wild dog family face a battle against Zalika and her clan of hyenas for claim over the territory. Teenage Tembo the elephant falls out with the herd, and his matriarch mother must decide his future.

“Serengeti” is created and produced by Simon Fuller and directed and produced by John Downer. Nancy Daniels and Howard Swartz serve as executive producers for Discovery Channel. The series is hails from XIX Entertainment and John Downer Productions and was commissioned for BBC TV by Tom McDonald.

New episodes of “Serengeti” air Sundays at 8/7c on Discovery Channel.