Seth Meyers Jokes Nikki Haley Asked for Secret Service Protection So ‘At Least There Will Be a Couple of People at Her Rallies’ | Video

The NBC host also pokes fun at Donald Trump’s lack of immunity in Tuesday night’s monologue

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley revealed on Monday that she’s asked for Secret Service protection, but Seth Meyers is pretty sure it’s just a move she made to goose up her rally crowd sizes.

The South Carolina Republican has recently been vocal about the threats she’s received because she hasn’t dropped out of the race and continues to challenge Donald Trump, reporting at least two instances of “swatting” on her home. Haley has seemed mostly defiant though, telling reporters “when you do something like this, you get threats. It’s just the reality, and that’s OK.”

“Part of running for public life is that you’re going to deal with the threats that are there. That’s not going to deter me,” Haley said at press conference in her home state. “Does it mean we have to put a few more bodies around us? Yes, that’s fine.”

But like we said, Seth Meyers isn’t buying that.

“Presidential candidate Nikki Haley said yesterday that she’s requested Secret Service protection, ’cause then at least there will be a couple of people at her rallies,” Meyers joked.

Elsewhere in his monologue, the “Late Night” host fired some shots at Trump himself — as he always does — making fun of the fact that a DC court ruled that Trump does not have immunity from prosecution, and also mocking the possibility of Trump having to liquidate assets to pay off all the multi-million dollar punishments he’s receiving.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full monologue in the video above.


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