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‘Shazam!': Billy Enjoys the Perks of Being a Superhero in New TV Spot (Video)

Best part of being a superhero is that you don’t get your ID checked at the liquor store

In the upcoming DC film “Shazam!,” Billy Batson gets to enjoy the perks of being a superhero… which includes being able to buy a 12-pack without getting carded.

“I’d like to purchase some of your finest beer, please,” he says to a disinterested cashier in the film’s latest TV spot, which you can watch above.

“Shazam!” follows the teen-aged Billy (Asher Angel) after he is chosen as the vessel of Shazam (Zachary Levi), an ancient wizard with extraordinary powers. But Shazam probably didn’t count on Billy reacting to becoming a super-powered adult the way most middle school boys would: by buying beer, goofing around with his excited foster brother, and going to a real estate office to find a super-cool hero lair that would blow Superman’s Fortress of Solitude out of the water.

But Billy isn’t the only one that has encountered Shazam. Many years earlier, another boy named Thaddeus Sivana came face-to-face with the wizard but was not chosen as his champion. Now, as a billionaire industrialist, Sivana (Mark Strong) wishes to acquire the magic Shazam has mastered for himself… and only Billy can stop him.

“Shazam!” is directed by David F. Sandberg and also stars Jack Dylan Grazer, Michelle Borth and Djimon Hounsou. The film hits theaters on April 5.