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‘SNL’ Cold Open Features Lin-Manuel Miranda, Billy Porter and Woody Harrelson in LGBT Town Hall (Video)

The ”Pose“ star popped in to introduce the 2020 Democratic candidates

Last Updated: October 13, 2019 @ 9:22 AM

“Saturday Night Live” took CNN’s LBGTQ Town Hall and gave it their own twist in this week’s cold open, with “Pose” star Billy Porter popping in to introduce the 2020 Democratic candidates.

Anderson Cooper (played by “SNL” regular Alex Moffat) was the event moderator that he said was about issues affecting the LBGTQ community as well as “straight girls who make Pride all about them.”

Up first, Cory Booker, played by Chris Redd, was put on the hot seat when an audience member asked about a 1992 op-ed he wrote in which he said derogatory things about the gay community. “Uh, oh,” he said. “Now I don’t want you to think I’m dodging the question, so I’m going to go now.” And he made a quick exit, stage right.

Porter then introduced Pete Buttigieg, calling him the “mayor of booty gig.” The question posed to Mayor Pete was how would he respond to someone who said he was “not gay in the right way.” Colin Jost as Buttigieg said, “There is no wrong way to be gay — unless you’re Ellen this week.” Buttigieg wondered why he wasn’t leading the race, considering he is a veteran, “under the legal retirement age and when I talk, I make sense.”

Moffat’s Cooper answered, “You’re a great guy, just as a friend, not the president.”

Kate McKinnon made to the stage as an energetic Elizabeth Warren, who told the crowd, “Y’all know I’m not a lesbian, but all the ingredients are there.” Lin-Manuel Miranda then appeared as Julian Castro, who apologized for not being gay, but added, “I am Latino, which we can all agree is something.”

Porter then called to the stage Joe Biden, who was played once again by Woody Harrelson, capped teeth, white hair and all. “You know me, I went to bat for marriage equality, and I believe we’re all equal whether you’re gay, lesbi, transgenital or queer, you’re OK with Joe,” Harrelson’s Biden said, characteristically putting his foot in his mouth.

You can watch the entire sketch above.