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Stephen Colbert Taunts Mike Pompeo With a Goodbye Calypso Tune Sung by Trump and Team (Video)

”Hearing come and I wanna go home,“ the Secretary of State sings

Last Updated: November 23, 2019 @ 11:41 AM

“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” had a little fun at Mike Pompeo’s expense Friday night with a goodbye elegy set to the tune of Harry Belafonte’s famous Calypso favorite “Day-O.”

As impeachment hearings that left Pompeo in the center of the political storm concluded Thursday, speculation has heated up that he would step down as Secretary of State in order to make a Senate run in his home state of Kansas. And Colbert and his team of writers made the most of the guesswork by animating Pompeo, John Bolton, Donald Trump and Mike Pence in a sing-along.

“Pompe-o, pompe-o,” Bolton, Trump and Pence’s mouth. “Hearing come and I wanna go home,” Pompeo replies in sing-song.

“Clearly we all knew of a quid pro quo,” Bolton, Trump and Pence continue in harmony, saying from side to side in rhythm to the music, to which Pompeo continues to respond, “hearing come and I wanna go home.”

You want a good laugh? Check out the video above.