Television Academy Reveals Newly-Elected Governors

Members will serve their two-year terms beginning January 1

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Television Academy

The Television Academy announced the newly elected members to its Board of Governors on Wednesday. The new additions will serve two-year terms beginning on Jan. 1, 2018 and ending Dec. 31, 2019.

The governors who were chosen to serve their first-ever two-year term include: Lesley Aletter, Brenda Brkusic, Jeff Calderon, Rich Carter, Terri Carter, John Debney, Keiren Fisher, Greg Kupiec, Eboni Nichols, Laurie Parres, Christopher Reeves, Glenn Rigberg, Jill Sanford, John Simmons, Halina Siwolop, Steven Spignese and Michael Spiller.

Members who were elected to serve another two-year term after a one or multiple-year absence from the Television Academy’s board are Bob Bergen, Scott Boyd, Jason Rosenfield, Lori Schwartz and John Ziffren.

The governors who were re-elected for a second consecutive two-year term include: Frank Morrone, Jill Daniels, Peter Golden, Terry Ann Gordon, Steven Kent, Sam Linsky, Philip D. Segal and Mark Scott Spatny.

Peer Group
Art Directors/Set Decorators
Casting Directors
Children’s Programming
Costume Design & Supervision
Daytime Programming
Documentary Programming
Interactive Media
Lighting, Camera & Technical Arts
Los Angeles Area
Makeup Artists/Hairstylists
Motion & Title Design
Picture Editors
Production Executives
Professional Representatives
Public Relations
Reality Programming
Sound Editors
Special Visual Effects
Television Executives
Jill Daniels
Halina Siwolop
Peter Golden, CSA
Jill Sanford
Eboni Nichols
John Simmons, ASC
Rich Carter
Terry Ann Gordon
Steven Kent
Michael Spiller
Jason Rosenfield
Lori Schwartz
Jeff Calderon
Brenda Brkusic
Terri Carter
Greg Kupiec
John Debney
Bob Bergen
Scott Boyd, ACE
John Ziffren
Keiren Fisher
Glenn Rigberg
Steven Spignese
Philip D. Segal
Frank Morrone, CAS
Christopher Reeves
Mark Scott Spatny
Lesley Aletter
Sam Linsky
Laurie Parres
The full list of 2018 governors will be available online January 1, 2018, at