‘The Equalizer’ Exposes the ‘New Face’ of Antisemitism in Moving Storyline (Exclusive Video)

“We can’t fight hate alone. We need each other,” co-showrunner Adam Glass tells TheWrap

“The Equalizer” touches on a tragic topic in tonight’s episode that is, unfortunately, currently sweeping the country – antisemitism. In the episode titled “Never Again,” Harry (Adam Goldberg) reconnects with his Jewish faith as he leads the team in finding a culprit behind a string of hate crimes terrorizing a local community.

As seen in the exclusive clip above, what began with broken car windows on Shabbat quickly evolves into vandals spraying graffiti on a Jewish mural and a woman being knocked unconscious. The entire Jewish community is on edge and it fears that the hateful attacks are just beginning.  

Goldberg’s Harry does the usual deep dive into his cases and learns that antisemitic assaults are up 167% in the country, prompting him to find clues at the scene that might have been overlooked.

“When I was a kid growing up Jewish, they instill all the fear in you, you know, like, ‘You’re white until they find out you’re Jewish’ [and] ‘Don’t wear a star of David out in public,” Harry says. “And I didn’t pay any attention to it.” He figured that nothing was going to happen to apply to him, “to our generation.”

He soon learns that the new face of hate isn’t the swastika or white hoods, “it’s the guy at the grocery store or it’s the mailman.” 

“The Equalizer” co-showrunner Adam Glass tells TheWrap, “We can’t fight hate alone. We need each other. We need to keep standing up for one another. It’s hard work, it’s tiring work, but it’s the work of our lives. We’re in a time when white supremacists are actively working to sew hate between marginalized communities. Can’t allow that to separate us.”

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