‘The Masked Singer’ Eliminates Another Pair of Competitors: And Sir Bugaboo and Scarecrow Are…

Only one singer could make it through to the semifinals

The Masked Singer Bugaboo Scarecrow
"The Masked Singer" – Bugaboo and Scarecrow (Fox)

(Warning: Spoilers ahead for Wednesday night’s episode of “The Masked Singer”).

In honor of Thanksgiving, fans are getting a double helping of “The Masked Singer” this week. Unfortunately, it meant another double elimination on Wednesday night.

This time around, fans saw Sir Bugaboo and Scarecrow competing against Snowstorm for a spot in the semifinals, set to air on Fox on Thursday night. In the end, Snowstorm came out victorious, and will face Harp and the Lambs in the next round. Sadly, Snowstorm’s victory meant the end of the road for Sir Bugaboo and Scarecrow.

Leading into the episode, the only clue that fans had about Sir Bugaboo was a bow tie, courtesy of his Mask-Ray at the start of the season. Many initial guesses included Bill Nye, who is famous for wearing a bow tie in his videos. But, in the end, the Cheshire Cat-esque character was revealed to be Ray Parker Jr. — a fitting elimination for “Fright Night,” considering he is best known for singing the “Ghostbusters” theme song.

But, the second elimination of the night might’ve been even more appropriate. Though Scarecrow itself was itself a somewhat chilling costume (depending on what Halloween movies you’ve seen), the person under the mask made it all the better. It was revealed that horror icon Linda Blair was that masked singer. Blair is, of course, known for her role in the beloved horror film “The Exorcist.”

So, with Parker Jr. and Blair out of the competition, Snowstorm goes onto the Thanksgiving show, to compete against fan favorites the Harp — who many are beyond confident is “Glee” star Amber Riley — and the Lambs.

“The Masked Singer” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.