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Tomi Lahren Blasts Women’s Marchers as ‘Entitled Crybabies’ Who Want ‘Free Abortion’ (Video)

TheBlaze personality uses “Final Thoughts” segment praising veterans to bash anti-Trump protesters

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren used her “Final Thoughts” segment on Thursday to praise veterans, but ended up blasting Women’s March participants in the process

“It just sickens me that we have protestors marching down the streets of our major cities with pink hats and ‘F Donald Trump’ signs while others set fire to limousines and throw rocks at police. That’s the march these entitled crybabies took part in? When just a few generations ago men like Alfred Haws were marching to a death camp,” Lahren said. “Men like Alfred Haws gave every last ounce in their body so others didn’t have to, so we could be here in 2017 marching down the streets in protest of a president or free abortion. It sickens me… Do me a favor and remember men like Alfred Haws when you’re out there with your nasty signs and fouls mouths.”

TheBlaze host has been working with Zero Films Productions and The Veterans Project to “remind the nation what our vets have been through.”

“The truth is, we’re losing these men and women everyday. Some to old age, some to suicide and some to health concerns due in part to the failure of our VA system,” Lahren said before introducing viewers to American hero Haws, a World War II veteran.

“See, Alfred Haws never asked for the limelight, he never thrust himself into the spotlight for a pat on the back, a medal or even a thank you. See, men like Alfred, they don’t ask for much. They don’t brag much, so I will be happy to do it on their behalf,” Lahren said before detailing Haws’ horrific three-year stint in a Japanese death camp.

Lahren shared news that Haws recently died at the end of the segment and urged viewers to get to know a World War II veteran before it’s too late.

Watch the video above.